A b o u t

Aline was born and raised in Frankfurt/ Germany. She began her training as a hairdresser in the age of 19. After the 3-year training at kpOchs Intercoiffure in Frankfurt/Main she started her career in the company. She added a master education and from that on not only worked as a hairdresser but at the same time began to specialize and teach at the kpOchs Academy.

In the following years Aline travelled to shows in Paris, Dehli, and Osaka. She managed two stores within the kpOchs company for 5 years.

After 11 years of working in Frankfurt/Main and gaining a lot of experience in hair, fashion and management and a huge network Aline decided to move to Firenze, Italy. She got inspired by Italian fashion and lifestyle and improved her language skills. 1,5 years later, in 2017, Aline moved to Berlin, Germany. She started a training as a make-up artist at Maggie B. Academy.

Since October 2018 Aline is working as freelance Hair & Make-up Artist in Berlin and Europe .  Her passion for languages, cultural diversity and an eye for fashion and lifestyle may expand in the future.